Camden Lighthouse produces a new toolkit

The Lighthouse in Camden is the first ‘Child House’ in the country, bringing together a range of child-friendly multi-disciplinary services for children and young people who allege sexual abuse at some time in their lives. RedQuadrant has been commissioned by MOPAC to work with the Lighthouse on several projects since 2018, including developing a cost-benefit methodology and a sustainability strategy. The Lighthouse is an evidence-based approach which places the child or young person’s best interests at the centre, delivering a tailor-made, integrated, and holistic solution with a view to improving outcomes for the child and achieving a better criminal justice result.   

Now, the Lighthouse and RedQuadrant have co-developed a multimedia toolkit which documents the journey and describes the lessons learned from setting up the Lighthouse in London. This interactive toolkit provides layered information and advice for those interested in setting up a Child House child sexual abuse service.  

A newly updated and revised version of the toolkit can be found by following this link