Disability services: Metropolitan Borough of Dudley Council (2016-present)

Public sector consultancy and PSTA delivery partner RedQuadrant shares a case study in service transformation

We carried out an opportunity assessment across Dudley council’s adult social care directorate annual spend (£110 million) with the aim of identifying potential efficiencies.

We prioritised areas of spend identified through a resources diagnostic and a cultural audit with staff. We developed eight business cases including a greater focus on outcomes within the assessment process and reviews of care packages, revised approach to NHS continuing healthcare and section 117s and investment in targeted prevention services. We ran a series of eight cultural workshops in different localities with staff across the Dudley region and identified current values, beliefs and behaviours and the priority areas to work on. By engaging teams, we were able to recommend a series of workforce development interventions that were designed to improve skills and kick start cultural change.

We are currently project managing the implementation of an all-age disability service for Dudley as well as developing strategies in relation to autism, physical disabilities and employment for people with disabilities. We are also supporting the council in the implementation of the local Multi-Speciality Community Provider programme.

We provided a clear plan to achieve a balanced adult social care budget 2017-20 based on business plans for securing annualised savings of £5 million (which is currently being delivered ahead of schedule with a projected underspend in 2017/18)


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