Service transformation in social care: The London Borough of Bexley (2016-present)

Public sector consultancy and PSTA delivery partner RedQuadrant shares a case study in service transformation

As Bexley’s social care transformation partner, we have reviewed business and savings plans across £60 million of annual spend with the aim of identifying potential efficiency opportunities.

Projects have focused on improving contract management, devising and implementing revised transition pathway and rapid response service. We have used an agile methodology to help the council implement new approaches to outcome-based assessments and reviews of packages for working age adults.

We have provided challenge and support to the staff both modelling good practice and reviewing current practice within the service and to lead the re-design process. So far, we have:

  • Reviewed business and savings plans across £60 million annual spend in order to identify potential efficiency opportunities (10% savings identified and required policy changes now implemented)
  • Reviewed performance management of contracts and helped to implement a new approach including incentivisation of providers to reduce care costs
  • Devised and implemented a revised transition pathway with substantial policy and practice changes in relation to triage, joint working and joint care planning
  • Devised and implemented a revised rapid response and discharge to assess service in order to maximise effective use of resources and minimise DToCs
  • Reviewed arrangements for single point of access

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