your help needed – Supporting Adult Social Care Commissioners – Strategic Commissioning Options Appraisal

Working on behalf of the LGA, the Public Service Transformation Academy and RedQuadrant are developing materials to provide a useful (free!) tool to support adult social care commissioners in their strategic thinking.

We need your help! We are seeking input from relevant experts across the sector. If you have thoughts about adult social care commissioning, please give us your details here or contact, or on 07887 442487, or or 07931317230.

We aim to do two key things:

1) Support commissioner to go through a clear process to obtain relevant information to help them understand the landscape – their current situation and key goals

2) Use this data and understanding to select the right commissioning approach for their situation and goals (place-based, outcome-based etc) taking everything into account

We want to learn from all the previous work in this space to produce something really valuable for commissioners and all the stakeholders affected by commissioning. This will be freely available for the whole of local government to use (and to anyone else who finds it useful).

How to engage:
Complete our questionnaire to provide information and ideas, or put yourself forward for a one-to-one interview, focus group, or a deep dive into a council’s commissioning approach

• Join our fortnightly open working sessions, starting on Wednesday 9 February, 2-3:30pm

We welcome input from all commissioning stakeholders – as well as adult social care commissioners and others directly involved, we’re looking for input from suppliers, care users and representatives, partner organisations, local authority finance directors and chief executives, health organisations and others with a perspective.

Please direct any questions, queries, or other comments to 07887 442487 07931317230

(As we are using various means to get this out there as widely as possible, you might see this message more than once – apologies if so!)

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